04 October 2010

Counting down the days to Javelina...

Right now, there's less than three weeks to my third 100 miler of 2010, Javelina Jundred. This race takes place on the full moon weekend closest to Halloween (my favourite holiday!) and everyone wears Halloween costumes. My costume is still a secret, but let's just say it will involve a lot of pink!

I'm a little nervous about my training. I have missed some training due to illness in July, and due to my grandfather's death in September (including one 100k race (I ran the 50k instead), and one 50 miler). My weight lifting and cross-training has also slacked off a bit due to busy schedule, but hopefully, it's keeping me strong.

I'm trying to think about the logistics - I'm going to try to stick to a very basic diet of gus (not too many), Power Gel blasts, pretzels and coconut water, and keep Tums and Immodium on hand if needed. I'm thinking of things I can control - not the intense training I'd like to have. I'm thinking body glide, lubing up the feet to protect from the sand, and how rad it will be to have my pacer and one-time running partner out there, motivating me along. I'm thinking how fun people's costumes will be.

The packing list will, of course, be re-posted soon. The sleep will be gotten. The body hydrated. The legs, strong and rested. I'm ready for this. I'm ready for another challenge.

Every 100 miler is a challenge. Of course I have time goals, but we all know that 100s provide so many crazy obstacles you could never predict. I mean, how many times will we need to squat behind a cactus? What if I face plant and really hurt myself? Will my asthma behave? Will -

Yes, I'm going to kick butt. I'm thinking rockstar thoughts. I'm thinking speed. I'm thinking runners' high.

It's going to be a great race. 


Kate said...

I'm a newer runner and my asthma is kicking my ass right now. I don't know if it's the cold or the intense pollen this season but I was so disappointed in my runs this past weekend. They were only a couple miles - not like yours at all, but darn bodies not behaving!

Marilyn Olson said...

Hi Cherie,
I have really been enjoying your blog writings ,hope to say hellow at Javelina soon