15 October 2010

Please Don't Kill Yourself. Life Gets Better. I Promise You.

I had a horrible experience in high school. The kids were so mean, horrible. Even my "friends." I talk to no one save my sister from high school. I have blocked out so many awful, painful memories. I wish someone told me these things when I was younger...that you shouldn't let bullying get to you. The kids were mean to me because I was different, creative, had pink hair, wore awesome crazy clothes, listened to riot grrrl and punk and electronica, had wild friends, didn't give a crap what they thought...but sometimes I did and then it hurt.

This video may make you cry. I wish I could have seen this 16 years ago. He is talking mostly about LGBT teens, but this really applies to any teen that has ever been bullied in a way. 

High school sucks. Real life is actually much better, despite paying bills, cleaning my house, and going to work. I don't mind being an adult so much of the time.

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Anonymous said...

Life was pretty horrible in middle school and high school and it never got better. What are you going on about?