23 June 2011

Going Home: Burning Man

It might seem to weird to be homesick at a place I only spend a week a year, but that's how I feel. Stuck in the life of work-run-eat-friends-sleep-repeat, I am sneaking in my Burning Man prep. And there's a lot. Cleaning tent and figuring out which tents to bring. Figuring out our shade structure (probably a monkey hut). Organizing the 2nd Annual Burning Man Ultramarathon. Doing prep for the Librarian Cocktail Party. Making clothes. New bikinis, for our Camp Twin Bikini. Working on medals for the ultra. Figuring out supplies. Renting a car. Figuring out meals for the week. New makeup. Subletter for when I'm gone.

And it's a lot of work. I won't deny it. The prep, the set-up, the getting there even. The coming back, cleaning up, decompressing. But it's so worth it. When I voiced these things before my first year, Gwendolyn told me, "Yeah, but Cherie, that's what keeps the assholes out. If it was easy, everyone would go. You have to really want to go to go." And she's right.

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