01 June 2011

National Running Day!

It's National Running Day!

Some say it's Run-to-Work Day, but I say that must mean I-hate-my-coworkers-day because if I was sweating and stinking all over the place, they wouldn't be happy.

I had a nice recovery run with Nelson. We ran along the water in Queens to a park that not only has water fountains, but those awesome sprinklers little kids sometimes play in (but I always run through!), which of course I ran through. We talked about the future, the past, the present, what's going on in our lives...Nelson always gets me to think. And the pace was great, and I felt like my legs were getting stretched out and feeling heaps better from Sunday's 50 Miler.

My blisters are not getting better, however. They are popped and cleaned, but the one on my left arch, which formed and popped during my race, hurts a lot. I couldn't run in my running shoes; I ran 2 minutes and it was excruciating. I ran in my Vibrams, which felt great. Anyone have any tips on healing blisters quicker?

I'm not sure what's next race-wise....a Fatass 50k up in beloved New Paltz in two weeks...and I have no other scheduled races until the Burning Man 50k and Rio del Lago 100 Miler. I need to add in a couple 50milers, 50ks, and some of the fun Thursday 5ks in Van Cortlandt Park. I know I need to do more speed training. And I haven't done weights in a while. And oooh, lots of long Saturdays on the trails with Iliana eating her meat-and-cheese sandwiches while we talk about everything of importance doing one of the things we find to be the most important...

It all comes back to running.

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