01 June 2011

The Stink: Cherie's Running Tip

I like to think I smell like roses, but after running for a few hours, well, roses might wilt next to me. 

Even worse, your running clothes (yeah, the same ones that "wick" the sweat away from your skin) stink, even before running for hours. Even after you've just washed them.

You can do different things, like wash in WIN detergent, which is effective (though a little pricey). However, I'm Little Miss Environmentalist, so I try to use a more eco-friendly detergent on the regular. You could do a once-every-so-often WIN wash, which is effective.

During Wagathon 50k, a few hours in. I probably smelled bad.
What I've found is pretty effective AND easy is a pre-wash without the rinse, let it dry, then wash. If you have a washer in your home, you can always soak in there but I live in NYC and utilize the 24 hour laundromat on my corner. 

  1. After a particularly sweaty stinky run (I do this for any long run or when it's really hot and humid in the summer; basically, if you're clothes are wet when you're done, this is a good idea.), fill your sink with cold water and detergent and your clothes. Let them soak for a while - sometimes I'll soak them for a few hours. That's fine.
  2. Squeeze out the water and soap and let them dry.
  3. Put them in your laundry bag once they're dry.
  4. Wash as normal.
  5. They should smell better!


1 comment:

Flamin' Mo said...

That is a great tip - especially as I don't want to wash small loads of running clothes 3x per week. this way, the basket won't get too stinky either! Thanks!