26 June 2011

Cherie's Running Secrets: How to Handle an Ice Bath

Ice baths SUCK. They are cold, miserable, cold, not fun, cold...But here's my little tip on how to actually survive one.

  1. Gather reading material that you don't mind getting wet next to the bathtub. 
  2. Get in the bathtub and turn the faucets on full blast cold. Oh, this is cold.
  3. Once the water covers your legs and hips, you can turn the water off. Then add all the ice you have in your house. I like to add 1-2 bags plus  whatever other ice I have.
  4. Sit. Read magazines. Try not to shiver.
  5. When the ice is melted, or around 15-20 minutes, get out.
I found if you try to slide into an already full bath, it's incredibly hard to sit down. This sucks, but it sucks less.


Laura in NYC said...

Um, don't understand the point of these? They used to force mental patients to take ice baths which are actually very dangerous, especially after exercise. I would really think twice about this......

cherie said...

It does seems crazy, but it's self-inflicted. Hah.

Seriously - it helps to reduce inflammation and speed recovery. I used them a lot when training before I got frostbite and it really helped.

gohmdoree said...

I'm trying to do one with my feet, and it hurts so much. I can't stand more than like 10 seconds before I have to take my feet out.

Is it much of a difference putting the water in first followed by ice?

Either way it sucks so bad.

cherie said...

I find if you have to get right in it it is SO much harder - the gradual process seems to be MUCH easier for me.