01 April 2012

Hamstring Hurt at BUS Six Hour

I persuaded Wayne, Mary, and Erin to run the Broadway Ultra Society's 6 Hour Race on Saturday. I figured I'd take it easy, do 10 minute miles, as I just ran a 50miler last weekend. I had been feeling tired, but nothing too terrible. However, things went downhill after a while.

Wayne and I started off, running sub 10 minute miles, talking, joking. I was feeling overall pretty crappy - tired, head out of sorts, not that great. But still thought I'd easily run the 6 hour, just complain a lot. (Poor Wayne.) 

We ran into Ray K who was cruising - and my hamstring started feeling a little sore. And then we slowed down to grab food - I was not feeling great nutrition-wise - and then my hamstring got worse. It didn't feel like cramping. It felt BAD. Nothing snapped. But it was painful.

After 3.5 hours, anytime I tried to run, it was painful. Wayne and I walked two laps of the slightly less than a mile loop, and I kept trying to run but pain forced me to stop. I was limping. I had tears in my eyes but I knew what I needed to do.

I stopped.

"I've never DNF'd," I wailed to Wayne. He held me. "You didn't DNF, you can't in a timed race." He also stopped to be with me. "Also, because I'm lazy," he joked.

I did all the things. Epsom salts. Resting. Elevating leg. Stay off feet. Icing. Even alcohol. But nothing is helping. I feel it ever-so-slightly. No 8 hours at Bear Mountain today. But will it heal soon? What can I do? I'm trying to NOT feel panicky...just not sure what to do. So scared. I know I've been lucky - I've trained smart and cross-trained and strength-trained and those things have helped. But now here is a hurt hamstring.

I'm going back to bed with some ice and my leg up on some pillows and a book. And my cat.


Shannon said...

You will heal. We get tired along the way and our bodies let us know when we need rest. If nothing is obviously wrong and it is a nagging problem, but not a crisis you will feel better tomorrow and then next day and soon this will be a memory.

It was very cold and about 2 hours into the run, my hamstring were also feeling tight. I never really have that issue. The chilly air, the little repetive inclines, it adds up.

It was great to see you out there yesterday!

Keep your spirits up! I have faith you will be ok soon!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad about the DNF. I did it once, but it was the right decision, even if I felt like a loser. You have to let your body rest sometimes.