23 April 2012

What's in your hydration pack?

So I head out for a day on the trails - water, gus, some chewy chompers, maybe some pretzels or cookies if I'm getting fancy, endurolytes, tissues if I remember, maybe lipbalm. And I'm set - right?

Well, not exactly. Lately I feel like I am lacking with my equipment out on the trail. Iliana fell and bloodied her knee and broke her finger and I had nothing to help her. It struck me that I should carry more band-aids and duct tape for such incidents.

So I again reached out to the Ultra List and asked, what's in your pack? Here are some fantastic responses:

  • 2nd skin, lighter, safety pin, rolled up garbage bags, lube, hand warmers, espresso bonk bars. --Lynnor
  • Iodine, lighter, dryer lint (fire starter), compass, small flashlight, drum liner (poncho alternative), buff, phone. --Joe Lea
  • Crazy glue, band-aids, whistle, moleskin, antiseptic. --Karen
  • Alumninum blanket, fire steel, water proof matches, compass, whistle, bandana, huggies wipes, flare gun, rocket launcher, anthrax, bull horn, silver bullet, Victoria's Secret lip gloss. --Lisa Marlene (I'm pretty sure she was kidding about SOME of these!)
  • Bandanna. --Micah Hoernig
  • Matches in a baggie; a survival knife; pepper spray; sometimes borrow asp from a police friend; a baggie and baby wipes; KT tape; duct tape. --Deb
  • Change of shirt & jacket; cell phone; cash. --Robert Self
  • Epipen, duct tape, ankle support, pepper spray. --G
  • Map of Frozen Head State Park. --Peter Frisk (hahaha Barkley Marathons!)

Some other things that are useful:
  • Heat emergency blanket
  • Ibuprofin
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Phone
  • Water purification tablets/method


Rebecca said...

You would thoroughly enjoy a wilderness first responder (WFR) or Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course.

Tim said...

I'm going to need a bigger pack.