06 April 2012

Why Can't I Walk Down the Street Free of Suggestion?

All I was doing was walking home with milk and coconut water and an ace bandage, looking forward to chilling in my house with my boyfriend and his wood workshop/our apartment and maybe doing some writing and reading and icing my hamstring. And the assholes can't let me be. 

They have to whistle.

Have to say something.

Have to show me that they think I'm sexy.

Honestly, I don't need some sleazy men to let me know that I'm sexy. (I know that already.) 

Why can't they leave me alone?

Don't they have mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends?

Do they think it's a compliment?

Do they think I want to hear it?

Do they think I'll be flattered?

Do they think I want to interact with them?

I just don't understand some things in this world full of sexual harassment.


David H. said...

Is this a New York thing or do you get this kind of unwarranted and unwanted attention in other places? SMH as to why this keeps happening to you.

Anonymous said...

listen to your music. Once i showed the finger, I was so so mad