30 January 2015

Traveling Epiphany

As I stare out the window at the Panama City skyline, at a bird soaring high close to the tall buildings, I realize that I have quiet. Time to think. It's a bit sad, because there are so many things to think about, often painful things to think about. There are unresolved thoughts and ideas. Everything is happening at once. When you realize how many things are happening in the world at one - hammering a nail, someone crying, entering data into a spreadsheet mindlessly, people having sex, a woman having a baby, someone dying, someone breaking a bone, dinner being scorched, a snowstorm, lightning striking a person, a car crash, a nap, a fight, crying - it makes you realize that this world is about way more much than you.

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V said...

Sometimes when I am taking in a huge apartment building, and you can see people doing all different kinds of stuff, I get this feeling. You've expressed it much more eloquently. (I'm tacking this idea in the novel I'm stalled on that I started in Nov, kind of, btw.) Love you! Enjoy Panama!