15 January 2016

Is traveling for me?

I definitely think it is, but wonder if I still want to do it in the same way.

I'm here in India for 3-6 months. I range from wanting to leave as soon as Wayne goes home, to wanting to go home on my original plane ticket (April 14), to wanting to stay until almost my birthday.

No matter; I don't need to decide now.

I've had homesickness like crazy, like never before. India is so very different that it can be a struggle to often just be. To be myself. I have to wear long skirts, wear a ring on my left ring finger and lie about being married to avoid hassling (true; anytime I slip and call Wayne my "boyfriend" vs husband, I get a much different reaction). I have to deal with filth and food issues and water and transit craziness and discomfort and so many things.

I also went from a job where I was for ten years. It was a lot in those ten years (and really, I wasn't happy for much of the end of it, but there were many okay moments, and I liked the routine, and I was good at it, and passionate about it), and the routine was embedded in me. As in: wake up at 5:30; run; go to gym; shower; eat; either bike to work or head to computer if working at home; work; take lunch run break or library break; work; bike home if in office; yoga; make dinner; eat and talk with Wayne, maybe with a glass of wine; make tea; talk with Wayne while writing freelance articles, petting the cats, cleaning the house; going to bed together.

There were many tender moments in my life and I miss the normalcy, the clean clothes, my home, my cats, and esp, Wayne.

I miss talking to my parents, seeing my friends, going to my yoga studio, my health food store, the bars nearby.

Travel is a lot. I love it, but I don't. My best friend assumed I'd been writing a lot; I really haven't been. I have been reading reviews on Trip Adviser of hotels, then trying to book them. And being India, websites don't work, or your credit card is not accepted because it's not an Indian credit card. And then you try to buy train tickets for two hours (no exaggeration) and you can't and you end up having a friend or your boyfriend buy your tickets. I have had stresses about buses and all that sort of stuff. In my downtime, I've explored tourist sights, journaled, practiced yoga, read a bunch from my kindle. 

But the next two days, I'm here in Dharamshala. There isn't really heaps to do (I've done much of the tourist stuff.), and I had been planning on going to the meditation centers and yoga studios. Unfortunately, right now, they're all closed. (Low season....makes sense, it's rather cold at night!) So I might head out early to Rishikesh to practice yoga and relax. Who knows? I'm not stressed.

Plans for today include lots and lots of chai, lunch at the Peace Cafe (the tibetan noodles are SOOOOOO good), watching a film about the Tibetan refugees, writing at some cafes, and relaxing. I have a few good ideas for articles I want to pitch, plus one I owe an editor, so I should get a start on those.

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V said...

"I'm not stressed." --> I've been waiting to hear those words from you for a while now and was very pleased to see them repeated more than once in this post. YAY, at last!! XOXO