20 January 2016


We all love a good routine.

So very true. Even though I was miserable in the months leading up to my trip, I still found solace in the routines. I knew what would happen. I knew how to manage my life. I'd get up at 5:30, run, go the gym, maybe practice yoga, bike to work or work at home, mid-day run or yoga break or errands or work straight through lunch, work, bike home or not, yoga, make dinner, eat with Wayne, straighten up the house, put laundry away, talk on the phone with my family, work on Burning Man projects or freelance writing. I knew where to grocery shop (a combo of The Garden, Trader Joe's, the new health food store, Fresh Direct), how to shop on Amazon to save time on errands, what times to fly to make the most of my time, blah blah blah blah BORING.

But it was my routine and I knew it and it was fine.

Years ago, my friend pointed out the evils of routines when I said an ex of mine knew me like no one else ever would. "Well, duh. He's known you longer. You've got yourself a habit. Bad habit."

But we all take comforts in our routines. So after the urging of Jules on creating a writing routine, I'm making a routine of my own here in India. It involves a short run if i I can, yoga, breakfast and journaling or blogging, yeah tourist stuff too, but every day, I want to write 2-3 hours. Kind of a massive goal, but we'll see what I can do. I want to start with editing some older pieces, and then, going from there.

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V said...

When you get back we should try to plan some virtual writing dates. I am not really writing at all and this may help both of us...