17 January 2016

Life Gives You Answers Sometimes

Life really does give us answers, but we don't listen.

I was wanting to stay here in Dharamshala because I'm kind of in love with it - but feeling like I should move on to Rishikesh for the yoga. So even though I was feeling back and forth all day, I decided to leave.

In line to buy a bus ticket, I discovered the bus wasn't happening. No comfortable bus. Only a local bus, four hours later.

F it. My English photojournalist travel bud who had decided to accompany me to the bus station hopped in a horrendous cab and back to my little comfort zone of lots of chai, cafe writing, yoga to the mountain view, smiling at monks, and pics of the Dalai Lama everywhere.

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Josh LaPorte said...

I remember when I was in Kenya many years ago, taking a long inter-city trip via a Peugeot taxi, a station wagon containing an impossible number of people, chickens, and luggage. Flying down dusty roads. Adventure!