28 April 2016

Patnem, Goa: YOGALAND!!!!

When I was googling yoga intensives, the Yoga Intensive at Kranti Yoga in Patnem, South Goa came up. I didn’t really want to go to go Goa again (especially in April!), but I liked the sound of school. While the intensive was costlier than other intensives, I really am glad I went - it was so worth it.

The yoga intensive was great: you are busy from 7-10 a.m., generally with one pranayama and meditation class, and one yoga class (ashtanga primary series or modified ashtanga primary series). Then you get an hour and a half off to eat breakfast (which was amazing, really; all their food was pretty wonderful and if you wanted something different, you can just go into the kitchen and ask for it. WOW. Opposite of the overboiled bland food at Sivananda Madurai.), and usually, I might catch up on emails, reading, or just relax in one of the swinging mattress and journal or write V a letter. After, it’s 1.5 hours of alignment and adjustment; then lunch. After lunch, we usually had a big break (though on certain days, there are lectures; I went to one on ayurveda), during which I’d go on the beach and relax. The waves were usually pretty crazy mid-day and swimming was almost impossible, so if I couldn’t dunk it, I’d sit in the shade and occasionally rinse off in the beach shower to cool down. Then class again 430-6, and then, time for a quick run or relax before dinner at 7. Most nights, I was so tired that I went to bed between 9 and 10, especially since I got up at 530 to go running.

There was a big group doing their YTT at the same time, and I have to say, I’m glad I did it with our group, who was way friendlier and most inclusive. (Most of them barely acknowledged me. It was totally weird.) I talked to them about what they learned, and they did some slightly different stuff than me, but I think I went to a really good program that fit my needs well.

On weekends, there were only 2-3 classes a day, and some people went off on excursions and adventures, but I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach, studying yoga, chilling. I didn’t feel the pressing need to run around and see more stuff. I’ve learned on this trip that seeing stuff doesn’t fulfill me; experiences do, and also, time to myself. So writing, reading, meditation, yoga….that’s what I need now.

The routine was nice, and I grew to appreciate the bright spots; all the learning I was doing in yoga; the amazing food; the gorgeous sunsets; the friendly locals; the six different kinds of tea that I could choose from. My little hut was cozy, and I’d chant with my mala beads at night, even saying hi to the ant festival that was taking place in my bathroom. It was okay.

And then I left, just as things were getting good, as some rad yoga holiday peeps arrived. But life isn’t about staying put, at least, for me, it’s not about staying put. It’s about moving on, and I’m almost home.

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