06 April 2016

There are some times....

At times, traveling can be so rich and rewarding. It is full of new adventures, new foods, unfamiliar sights, gorgeous scenery.
And at sometimes, it can be downright lonely. I’m in a lonely bit now...I know it will pass, once I begin exploring and dreaming and thinking, but now, I am thinking, “Why did I extend my ticket? Why am I even here?” I’m incredibly homesick for a blip, even though yesterday I was on such a high of what an amazing trip I’m on.
I’m lonesome for my Wayne and our cats, and our beautiful, comfortable home. I’m lonesome for privacy and quiet and solitude and not being stared at. I’m longing for my friends and my family. I’m craving a kale salad and the streets of Brooklyn.
I’m sure I did the right thing by coming here, and have two more yoga intensives. They will be intesive, and very likely hard - but they will be good. It’s just a matter of getting there and figuring stuff out.

Or so I tell myself.

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