05 April 2016

Chennai, Again, or Friendship

When Pondicherry and Auorville had less to do than I expected, Ash invited me to come back. I could have spent more time in Pondicherry, wandering in cafes, writing, but I figured I’d head back up to Ash’s, hang out with him, get some nice runs in, see his super sweet family.
It was nice to be back. His mom said, “Welcome home.” Ash and I set into our rountines quickly; nice restaurants out, drives around town, hot and humid runs where we’d complain about the heat, wandering here and there. Barkley was going on, so we spent quite a bit of time tracking that and geeking out. I would IM with Paul Kentor, get some secret updates that he somehow knew, share them with Ash, and we’d refresh our Twitter feeds furiously. We drank fresh juices (cantaloupe, or musk melon, as they call it here, is a new favorite), searched for places with AC, complained about the heat.

This part of my trip made me realize that traveling is not necessarily about seeing things, but meeting people. And sometimes you spend more time getting to know the same person - and that’s just really rewarding and wonderful.
I’m feeling grateful to be here, exploring, living, being.

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