22 August 2006


i'm wondering if breakups are ever truly mutual, if people are actually friends with their exes afterwards. i'm trying to be friends with t, but i don't seem to know how to do it. he disappointed me so much (and i ended it, b/c of that) that it seems i find it hard to find him sincere. he will always have a spot in my heart, but i don't think a breakup can ever be like, "well, we're just better this way" and the people are actually friends.

does, "let's just be friends" ever work? or is one person always wanting more?

i really like being alone right now. i like learning to redefine myself as me, as cherie, and it's hard, but i'm doing it. still, when i see a flash from the past, there's pain, and it's like, "this is why i moved on."


V said...

OK, I've been drinking a bit, so remember that when you read this, but I've never been able to be friends with an ex. Even when the relationship didn't end in violence (and only one ended that way, but then again, I only count 3 of my exes). Tried to be friends with one college ex, but we would just see each other every few months and fuck, and that wasn't healthy at all, in my situation, ask my 1da. Just some food for thought....

Allison said...

I am still friends with an ex, but he lives in Chicago and I live here in NY, so that's probably why it works. No weird physical chemistry, we just talk.