14 August 2006

why does my body betray me?

i exercise. i eat good--whole grains, vegetarian diet, mostly organic food. i sleep 7 or 8 hours most nights. i drink heaps of water. i don't drink soda, don't drink heaps of alcohol. i stretch, do yoga, don't eat heaps of fat or salt. i don't eat trans fats at all; i eat a minimal amount of high fructose corn syrup.

yet this is the third injury i've had since mid-june. third fucking injury. i have bursitis and my awesome doctor (who likes trance music and we like to chat when i see him) isn't in and is going on vacation wasn't there so i had to see the older doctor who is a total rude prick. manners are beyond him; gruffness is how he handles everything. i can't take off a fucking week of running! i am SO behind in my training already. i hate this. i am going to eat good and sleep and stretch and i am running as soon as it doesn't hurt. i hate my doctor. i need to run. he doesn't understand b/c he is heavy and obviously does not know the love that i feel for running.

running is the most important thing in my life. i lost the great love of my life; running has taken its place.

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Asie said...

Huge fan. huge. Maybe you should try listening to what your body is trying to say to you, via injury. Slow down. I cant do all this. i need a break. Please. I know how you feel, i threw myself into it too afterwards, but sometimes you need to step back and be still and let everything heal. Best, A