16 March 2008

along with my recent surfing obsession

i realized i have too many things in my life--an awesome relationship with a loving partner, my cat, running (which involves 6 days of 1-4+ hours of running per day, plus 2-4 days of strength training, cross training in pool and on elliptical), writing, traveling and travel dreams, and oh yeah, full-time job, along with social life, keeping my apartment clean, family...i don't have time to pursue surfing like i'd like. (plus i'm also a wuss; i just watched blue crush and those waves in that movie are totally fierce!!!)

however, a girl can dream. i'm reading surf books, looking up places to surf online...t and i are talking about a big trip to the south pacific in december, and i'm hoping for bali. i can surf! he was planning on scuba diving, so while i probably won't surf as much as he'll dive (i need to cram those multiple-hour-long runs in at some point!), i def want to spend some time in the waves. i'm also reading the article that blue crush was based on; really fascinating!

i want to get my own board; probably the best way to start. i am hoping to spend as much time as possible this summer in the waves, surfing...also have that ultramarathon and marathon...but i want to just have fun, prioritize my life, but really, get the most out of everything.

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