05 November 2008


i'm trying to figure out my 2009 racing schedule. so far i have:

boston marathon? april
big sur marathon OR avenue of the giants marathon april/may
100k (last weekend in may) in NJ
70 mile laurel headlands june
vt 100 miler
vt 50 miler
nyc marathon

is that too many races? i also want to cram in the occasional half marathon, maybe even a trail ultra in FL if i can fit it in....

i really want to do the san francisco north face challenge 50 miler next month...haven't fully decided, and need to asap!

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Morrissey said...

congrats on your PR cherie! I say just do it! here's mine! ;)

1/25 - Miami, 3/22 - Shamrock, 4/20- Boston, 7/26 - JAY???? 9/27- scotiabank. 10/18 -chicago or steamtown, 11/1 nyc, 11/22 philly

of course so many variables-0-- it can change!!!!!!!

cant wait to see you around boston!