11 November 2008

girl, by blake nelson

'...thinking how incredibly stupid I was if I expected life to be anything else but failed love and mindless sex and crying all night in bus stations.'

This is one of my favourite books. I've re-read this so many times, yet still adore it. In high school, it held so much meaning for me (especially as my preppy friend Darcie dissed me and I got involved in the underground culture of indie rock and riot grrrl and hardcore shows and raves (diverse, I know)). Right now if I hadn't lent it to Crista, I would re-read it. Instead, I'll know that life is beyond long plane rides, choking back tears, eating chocolate after extremely long runs, sitting in corners, wiping dust bunnies and tears away with the same hand.

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Nokka said...

Cool blog, had a quick scan (you really like pink).
On my Spanish trip I met a couple from Denver. Had a nice chat. They were on their way back after the wife ran the Berlin marathon. Since then its on my to-do list as well. But first it's cycletouring.
We have two great ultras over here: the Two Oceans (56km) and the Comrades (90km).