13 November 2008

this would SO not be me

if a fox were gnawing at my arm, i would not keep running with it so i could get it tested for rabies. some people are so hardcore it scares me.


1da said...

If it had rabies, you actually might not be able to get it off your arm. This American Life runs a story about a woman who got attacked by a rabid raccoon. They tried to pin it under a huge fallen branch to stop it attacking. In the end, her husband and son, take turns beating it to death with a tire iron...it's pretty gruesome.

V said...

i've heard similar stories about how a rabid animal won't easily come unattached, they are crazy, after all. remind me of zombies, actually. but, if this person could get the rabid animal off and didn't....that's a little insane.

i'm glad you're not THAT hardcore!