21 November 2008

i hate hate crimes

this story has made me absolutely sick. this is how many long island boys are, and it disturbs me greatly. these boys murdered a man just because he was latino, and for sport, would go around, beating up and hurting latino men.

this quote disturbs me greatly:

They found a Hispanic man that day whom Mr. Pacheco admitted to punching and knocking out cold, Mr. Spota said. That victim has not stepped forward. Mr. Pacheco later told the police, “I don’t go out and do this very often, maybe once a week,” Mr. Spota said.

why does it disturb me? because he said, “I don’t go out and do this very often, maybe once a week."

Once a week to beat the crap out of someone is not very often?

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V said...

i followed this in the times and yes, it's more than sickening. i don't understand what is wrong with people either. there was some other story recently about these NYPD who beat up a man on a subway platform, a tattoo artist, and that sickened me, too. and the homeless getting burned alive all over the country. just so some jackass, predominantly white male can get his kicks.

this world has too much hate.

and this country is overmedicated. i don't know why i am bringing this up in this context, i just read an article about this in my beloved elle, but somehow there's a connection. we have 6% of the world's population and yet over 65% of the people in this country are medicated on legal prescription drugs. i see a problem with this.

and, obviously, it's not helping, when needless violence like this continues to happen.