04 August 2011

The Countdown to Burning Man...!

Three weeks from now, I'll be running around California like an idiot. I'm flying into my beloved San Francisco, where I'll pick up a rental minivan, then head down with Rachelle to Santa Cruz, where her mom lives. We'll grocery shop, stop by a hardware store, and begin to prep. Meal planning for a week. Figuring out the monkey hut. Packing the car. Last minute insanity. Liquor stores.

Then - on Friday, the drive to Black Rock City. We'll stop at Sparks en route to pick up my bike from storage, fill up our water bottles in Reno, and get to the playa! Burning Man!

We're getting there early - yep, three whole days early - to plan for the Burning Man Ultramarathon. I'll run the approximate course with my GPS watch, figure out the loops and laps and then mark it all on a giant map of Black Rock City we'll have in front of our camp. I also have to have a meeting about the race too - there's been a lot of planning going into the 2nd annual Black Rock City 50k, but it's going to be amazing!

But there's a lot of prep and planning. I'm pulling together a meal plan, figuring out a shade structure chill out for our camp, figuring out how to get a shade structure for our tent, making numbers for the ultra, prizes for the ultra, sewing lots of costumes, supply shopping, cowgirl hat shopping, prep for Librarian Cocktail Party, etc.

It's a lot. And if it's not enough. My job is in INSANE mode. I'm working at least an extra hour or two at night, and feeling a little insane. But you know what? In another three weeks, none of this will matter.

See you on the playa!

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