01 August 2011

Iced Teas and such....

I used to be a huge fan of sun teas. Nearly every day for a few years, I'd place a mason jar full of water and tea bags on my fire escape for the day. I'd bring the jar in at the end of the day, never finding that they were brewed too strong (sun teas tend to not get bitter like regular tea) and would keep them in the fridge after, pouring on ice whenever the desire to sip struck me.

However, after I discovered sun teas can harbor harmful bacteria, I stopped brewing it. This summer, I've been craving iced tea (way too hot for tea) and really missed iced tea. I've been brewing tea super strong, pouring it over ice, adding a little sugar or honey and milk, and sipping it that way.

The Kitchn, one of my favourite blogs, posted on how to cold brew tea - and I must say, it's coming out delicious. The tea is of a mellow flavour, but really lovely. It's easy - just add some tea bags, cold water, put in the fridge overnight, and the next day - lovely cool delicious tea!

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