01 August 2011

I'm No Delicate Flower...But I Do Suffer

My entire life, I've had problems with my period. I've missed countless days of work, been on bedrest multiple times, lots of medication, confusing doctor's appointments, had surgery due to some of my crazy problems last year that put me out of work for three weeks...pain, heavy bleeding, and just feeling depressed because of these two things.

Two recent articles, "How Menstruation Affects Your Running" and "Athletic Performance and the Monthly Cycle" examine the role in which running and athletic endeavors are affected by a woman's period. Their conclusion is not really. Which I guess maybe they studied men in these studies? I don't know a woman who hasn't felt depressed, uncomfortable, in pain, inconvenienced by her period. I remember losing fifteen minutes at an ultra, Virgil Crest 50 Miler, due to problems with my period. It sucks. I feel miserable and depressed. And I'll continue to do so, I suppose.

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