27 July 2011

Burning Man 2011 is SOLD OUT!

For the first time in the 25 year history of Burning Man, Burning Man has sold out. Yep, 50,000 tickets have been sold. It's going to be crazy. The biggest Black Rock City has ever been...

But what does this mean? 

I think it means the event is bigger. I don't think it means it will suck...there will be even more going on. (Hey people, get a bike, you need one!)

As my friend (and pacer of Javelina 100 Miler) said, "WTF? Burning Man sold out? How can an anarchist festival sell out?" I, too, didn't immediately believe it.

But more people are realizing what a beautiful, amazing, life-changing, life-affirming place the playa is. And they want go to too. 

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