17 July 2011

Run Long, Run Strong, Run Happy

A shorter run on Saturday (2hrs40min), followed by an all-day Sunday run with Iliana at Stirling Forest and Bear Mountain State Park (one of my favourite places to run - it will kick your ass, but it's SO pretty!). Whatever I pulled in my butt when trying to outrace gnats last weekend is still hurting...so I had to take it easy on the uphills, and Iliana's chafing led to great grief and pain for her.

creepiness in bear mtn park

But you know what? With the sweat dripping down our faces, stink of our long-run bodies, gu filling our tummies, we had a blast. We met a guy doing the entire AT, another hiker who I gave gels and bars to, we were on such beautiful trails, catching up with our friendship, living, laughing, life.

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