13 July 2011

Long Runs...

Time to up the mileage for Rio del Lago....that's going to be a rather interesting race as I'm running the Burning Man Ultramarathon (50k) just ten days before, and I'm spending a week and a half on the playa at Burning Man, running around, wearing crazy costumes, inhaling dust, drinking lots of mojitos at DeMentha, biking insurmountable distances in sand, dancing, having fun...so yeah, should be an interesting race.

Saturday I headed out to Long Island's Greenbelt Trail. If you take the LIRR to Massapequa, get out and run east along the train lines behind the train tracks (further away from Sunrise Highway), you'll see an entrance. After running on the bike path for a bit, you take a very unmarked left in between some water and hit the Greenbelt Trail, marked with white blazes. When I tried to find the dirt trail (pavement sucks!), this snotty runner was like, "I guess I can give you directions. I've been running an hour and fifty minutes, I'm almost done." I wanted to be like, "That's cute, I'm running 35 miles today." But I didn't.

The trail is very up and down, and I'd tell you not to run it right now - there is one section where there were just swarms of gnats following me. It pushed me to run faster than normal b/c I had all those disgusting gnats flying in between my sunglasses, down my throat - they had perseverance, I'll give them that. However, I tripped trying to escape a swarm and pulled a muscle in my butt.

The next day I headed to Rockefeller State Park, only running three hours with a slight pain in my butt on the uphills. The pace was easy and I was feeling sleepy.

I'm hoping to do some quality runs over the next few days - tomorrow I'm aiming for a good 22+ miles, Friday I'm going to take off or do 15, depending on how I feel, Saturday run a few hours in the city with Iliana, Sunday four hours on the trails with Iliana. So I'm building my mileage back up.

Due to my rather less than ideal taper time with the 50k and Burning Man, I'm planning on a more hardcore taper so I need to up the mileage while I can. Next Saturday, I'm hoping for long, long, long, as long as I can possibly go...join me if you dare/care.

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