13 July 2011

This is Not What I Want to Hear

Horrible night, slept poorly. Nelson, my running partner and I both agreed to not run this a.m., we needed more sleep, I'd run tonight, so no adrenalin flooding through my body. And I slept in. And my house was trashed and I threw on a sundress, my shades, and clipped my hair up.

And after crossing the street, juggling with what music to listen to while balancing my bags, a van backing into the driveway whistled at me. I stopped. The driver got out. 

"Why did you do that? Did you think I'd appreciate that? That doesn't make me feel good."

The guy stammered, "I...uh...I'm sorry."

"That's really not acceptable. I don't appreciate being whistled at or treated like that."

"I'm sorry..."

I'm sick of this. They don't get it. What would make a man think that a whistle, a hey baby, a leer out the window would make them feel good? If anything, it makes me feel like I need to take a shower to wipe any imprint their slimy eyes left on my body. Do you know how it feels to go back home after leaving your house to put on a longer skirt? Do you know what it feels like to feel happy that you look good - only to feel like no, you're just a sex object for men to leer at and fuck.

Not what I want to wake up to. And definitely not what I want to hear.

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Natalie said...

Good for you for saying something to the creep. Basically, every time I get up the guts to talk back to some asshole who catcalls at me I get called a bitch or worse. It's important to do it though. And you told him exactly how shitty he made you feel and maybe, just maybe he will think twice next time.