17 July 2011

Because Life Is A Street Party

One person weird on the street is crazy.

Two people is a scene.

Three people is a cause.

This Rachelle repeated more than once yesterday, and she's kind of right.

I'm not going to explain it, because you probably won't understand it.

But there was hooping.

And fire.

And colours, lots and lots of colours.

And hugs and cookies and dancing on the subway and singing and music.

Oh, the music. Yes, the boom trike.

We started in Bryant Park with all these beautiful things, and traveled to Queens, and traveled to DUMBO, with a whole mass of strangers in rainbows, and friends, and grew to all be friends, grew to form a community --

and it was beautiful.

And there were hugs.

And it was a glorious day.

Even if it doesn't make sense, unless of course, you were there.

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