16 July 2011

No Vermont 100 Miler For Me This Year

I love the Vermont 100 Miler. I think it's probably my favourite race, now that I think back on it. I will definitely do it next year, unless I actually get into Western States. But still, it holds a dear spot in my heart and I might do it anyway.

I'm thinking of all my friends that are running it. I'm missing Margaritaville, Mile 63. I'm missing running into Spirit of 77 (Mile 77 or so) and seeing all the candles lit up in paper bags, all the Christmas lights. I even miss the heat, the humidity, the sunburn, the electrolyte deficiency. I miss the beauty of the course, Vermont, the hills. The people. Oh, I miss it.

I didn't sign up because I thought it was too close to Rio del Lago 100 Miler in Sept, which I'm really hoping to break 22 at - or really, even 21! I need to train harder. Focus more.

But what am I doing instead of running 100 miles? Yesterday I worked, and then took the ferry with my mom to DUMBO where we got Grimaldi's, went to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, walked around. We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Mood Fabrics and Spandex Haus where I spent more than I really should. Then we got tea in Long Island City and then had blood orange Margaritas at The Habitat (my favourite bar), and then hung out while I sewed. Then she left and Wayne came over and we sewed and made dinner and he made me watch Mad Max, which is a lot like Burning Man. And this morning, Nelson, Wayne and I ran Roosevelt Island, one of my favourite running routes, then met up with NBR and did the bridge run, had coffee with the gang. I ran to the Farmers' Market, got a lot of amazing produce, came home, brekkie, baking oatmeal raisin cookies, and am in the midst of a lot of awesome sewing. I'm so happy today. I'm off to a street parade of colours, and then the after party. And tomorrow is a long run with Iliana in Harriman. It's a good weekend, indeed, despite not running 100 miles.

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Wayne said...

For the record: I did not sew.