01 August 2011


This weekend, due to a busy social life, lack of motivation, and other contributing factors, I did three shorter runs each day instead of one longer run.

Saturday, I had only so much time after picking up my sewing machine from the repair place, so I ran a short, hard three miles in my Vibram. I felt great. Then I headed to the beach. After swimming and eating a bunch of cherries, I ran about four or five miles on the beach, close to the hardest part of the sand. It was hot, and splashing alongside the water felt incredible. After downing a bottle of water, I swam some more. Then, after a margarita, I headed out for another short run - my boyfriend was making dinner, so I didn't have much time. Another 5 miles in my Vibrams. I really am loving training in them lately, but the longer runs can be difficult.

Sunday I intended to do 40 miles in NJ, but after some complications, I didn't. Instead, I ran about 7 miles in my Vibrams. I headed back to the beach (my addiction) and did another 7 miles on the beach towards Point Lookout. I felt really hot and after, started to feel woozy despite drinking a bottle of water on the run. A post-run smoothie helped. Then, after returning home, I changed out of bikini, back into running gear and did a few random things. Then Wayne and I headed out for a lovely night run. He learned you shouldn't bite too hard into your mouthpiece of your hydration hose, and after I was rained on for a few minutes by his hydration hose, we ran to my house and he borrowed a 2-bottle waistpack. Then we headed over the Queensboro Bridge, down 1st Avenue, then crosstown through the twenties, then down South until Chinatown for so, then back up and over, the Williamsburg Bridge, and we ended eventually at Kellogg's Diner, where we had milkshakes and grilled cheese and omelettes, and felt happy and a little tired and despite being soaked and a little sore, we were thrilled with what we accomplished, and of course, with the fun we had.

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