20 February 2012

One Year

What have I done in one year?

In one year, I have run three 100 milers, some 50 milers and 50ks.

I've gone to Florida, to Vermont, to Lake Tahoe, to Reno twice, to Black Rock City (my home!), to Big Sur, to San Francisco, to San Quentin, to New Orleans, to Florida again, to Connecticut, to Philly, to Peru, to a lot of other places.

But really, what I did do?

I fell in love, hard. In the hallway of my teammate's studio, after making a phone call, you came out and somehow we ended up kissing, feeling that zing, realizing wow, this was something special.

Our second date lasted an entire weekend, and when Monday morning came, we realized we didn't want it to end. So we didn't let it. And we've been on that second date since then.

Happy Anniversary, babe. One year and many more...

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