13 February 2012


I'm officially in a running slump.

I changed my mind and decided to NOT sign up for the Santa Barbara 100 Miler - it's partially because I'm running around so much lately (Peru in January-February; North Carolina in February; Europe in early March; Florida in late March; plus a lot of other plans on the horizon, including Vermont, Burning Man, and whatever else...) but really, because honestly, I don't feel like running 100 miles. I'd rather run 50. I haven't 100% ruled out flying out for the 50 miler, but maybe I should be good with my money and just find a local race. Or one where I can visit Gram in Florida at the same time.

But a combination of a bunch of things - depression, staying at high altitude for a while, exhaustion, lack of time - has led my running to turn to pure crap. I'm not even sure if I could keep up with an NBR run. Wayne and Nelson have been patient, though I'm pretty sure I deserved to be tossed off that pier in Williamsburg the other day.

It's also the cold. I hate NYC in the winter. I wish we had tunnels and I love when I work at home and drink endless cups of tea and snuggle with my kitty. I find it harder to run fast and get that feeling of being alive when it is 20 degrees and windy out and I'm running next to the East River, or worse, above it.

When I came home this morning, post slow-55 minute run and lifting weights at the gym, when I complained, Wayne suggested I need some sprints. Sprints?! Can't I have cupcakes instead?! I feel like if I did sprints they would come out at an 8:30 pace and I would be sore after. Or something. I just don't know what to do.

But I'm going to keep running. I think I'll pick up the training - do some more cross-training at the gym, if it gets above brutal temps, I'll ride to work (but that probably won't be an option until April....), and yes, Wayne, I'll do some evil sprints. 

But yes, I'm in a slump, and I'm going to focus on getting out of it now...because I want running to be my delightful time instead of a miserable time.

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