20 February 2012

Run Dance Run (Repeat!)

Compared to most of this country, I'm in stellar shape. For me, I'm in terrible shape.

Saturday I headed out to meet Erin, Barbara and Phil at the George Washington Bridge Bus terminal - yes, I ran there. When I got there, I doubted I could run over the bridge, much less complete a 4-5 hour workout, full of stair repeats.

I showed myself I could.

We were excited and nervous and all feeling out of shape. This run only pushed my desire to get into MUCH better shape. We did repeats down from the cliffs we run at on the top of the Pallisades down to the banks of the Hudson. And then Phil and Barbara left us and Erin and I continued, talking, struggling, feeling okay. I ate a lot, feeling hungry. Finally, we finished.

When I ran into my apartment, I scared Wayne with how fast I was in a chair, eating. Luckily, he understood, and scrambled me some eggs to go with my cauliflower curry and bread deliciousness.

I went out at night, to the Silent Mobile Disco. Basically, everyone wears headphones which you can tune to two different stations and the sound is excellent and we go around in the subways and end up at a bar and then back in more subway time...so fun! It was one of the most fun I've had in eons, dancing, laughing...

The hard part was getting up after going to bed at 330am. Wayne made a smoothie, and we slowly, very slowly, got out of the house. Bagels on the way, and we munched as we drove up to beloved Bear Mountain.

Unfortunately, my legs were PISSED. They were slow - tired from the 7 hour 15 minute run from the day before, and tired from dancing essentially all night in my pink cowgirl boots. I felt dead - I could barely walk, much less run. Plus, I was famished. I was tripping and crying and it was awful. We slogged on a run/hike for 3 hours 11 minutes, and gratefully collapsed into the car, where we had left delicious post-run treats.

We went to Stew Leonard's, which we always passed heading back to the city. We had heard it was good. It's not. It was awful, expensive, Americana full of kids screaming, the parents ignoring them, piling six boxes of cookies into their cart (I am NOT exaggerating.). We got out of there quick, headed home, and promptly passed out on our bed. Then we woke up, got French food, and stayed up late enough for it to be our one year anniversary!

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