14 November 2003


I know there’s a boy out there (maybe it’s my boyfriend) who is saying at this point, “Duh, wear warm pants.” Simple enough for those of us who have a large warm pants selection or those of us who like pants. I prefer skirts. I know it’s stupid, but I have nice legs and I might as well show them off when I’m young. Plus I have lots of cute skirts. Here are some tricks on staying warm in wintertime if you love showing off what you’ve got!

Macy’s has a great selection of stockings. Stay away from cheap drugstore brands because they have a tendency to run within hours, maybe minutes, of wearing them. It’s better to spend more money because they end up lasting longer—years, even. Go for a variety of colors and styles, and of course stock up on basic black.
My favorite brand is DKNY. Hue is also good. Stay away from Tommy Hilfigger; although they are costly, they tend to rip as easily as the cheap brands.

Ah, the old favorite. I feel like such a proper secretary or corporate powerhouse whenever wearing them. Especially when you can see my pale skin and my legs are “tan.” (I wish they would make a variety of colors for a variety of people’s skin colors but they insist that “tan” is what everyone wants. I think it looks ridiculous on almost anyone.)
The best brand that I’ve discovered is No-Nonsense Great Shapes or No-Nonsense Long Lasting. Just get any of the No-Nonsense ones that seem to be a bit more durable—they last many times and the shaper ones are great because they are thick like tights—warmer! Yay!

My personal favorite. They can be hard to find, but supposedly, they’re coming back. Check out dance stores, thrift stores, and E-bay. Put them on your Christmas list and let someone else run all over the city looking for them for you and you don’t have to do any work. Get different colors and mix and match them. You’ll get tons of compliments. The best thing about legwarmers is that you can get really warm when it’s not outside. Last weekend I wore pink tights with my hot pink legwarmers over them. I pulled up the leg warmers to make them tall when I was outside, and when I was in the bar, I scrunched them down for style. Yeah!
If you want to get me something for the holidays, legwarmers are great!

Wear pants underneath your skirt in layers; leggings and running pants make for a great look. Take them off when you get indoors if you’re self-conscious but they look hot!

They give you a bit extra warmth but not really. Unless they are fur-lined. Then wear them until your heart’s content! Yay!
If they aren’t fur-lined or warm-lined, wear some super thick socks, like fleece or cashmere, something warm anyway, and you’ll feel toasty!

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