22 November 2003

REVIEW: The G Train

everyone hates the G train. how can they not? it’s slow, runs fairly infrequently, and “goes through all of the worst neighborhoods in brooklyn” (as someone once said, except, of course, for Greenpoint; my theory is no one wants to move to some of these neighborhoods because of the G train so the neighborhoods never got yuppified, yay!). although because it’s the crosstown local, you can’t get directly into manhattan, and pretty much need to take a cab late at night, or walk from the L, there’s a few good things about the G.

+ it is very rare that i don’t get a seat on the G—even during rush hour.
+ makes commuting through brooklyn much faster than taking a bus.
+ easy to get to queens college.
+ because it’s so small, you get to know your conductors and train operators and fellow passengers.

HURRAY for the G!

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