06 November 2003



in case you sadly don't know, luna is my adorable brown-grey-black striped tabby cat. she is so cute. in order for you to understand her, i decided to interview her.

cherie: tell us a bit about yourself.
luna: meow.
c: something a bit more substantial, luna. the people on my blog don't understand our language.
l: excuse me. well i am a beautiful cat and very wonderful. everyone loves to pet me. if you want to get on my good side, scratch around/behind the ears. meeeeee-ow!
c: what about brushing?
l: that's good, i'll let you brush me.
c: let me?
l: it's all about pleasing me. i didn't choose you, you chose me.
c: that's so mean.
l: well, i did cuddle up in your arms when you got me. you seemed like someone who feeds me a lot. and you did but then you stopped. mean.
c: luna, the vet even insulted your fat stomach.
l: people can lie!
c: luna, you lost some weight and now you're so much healthier. i even increased the amount of food you get.
l: but you still feed me diet food.
c: luna, let's not discuss this now. let's talk about your hobbies, and what you do when i'm at work all day.
l: i usually wake you up but meowing and running around the apartment at the same time your alarm goes off. you can't snooze a cat so i haunt you and follow you, meowing and rubbing against you--until you feed me. i sit on my little window seat, looking out the window, and hide under the futon when i hear a loud noise. if something is really scary, i hide under the bed, in the back dark corner.
days i spend eating--my number one hobby--drinking, clawing the futon, the orange tabby stuffed cat, whatever else i can attack. i play with little pieces of paper, ribbon, and sometimes, the toys i have. oh, and i love chewing on the little strings from the vertical blinds--the best.
c: what else? do you like to sleep?
l: i love to sleep. at night i sleep on my special pillow next to you.
c: isn't that cute? she's so cute.

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