15 February 2005

it's none of your business

let me start this off by saying i am in love. i am so in love i cannot possibly see my life without the person i love--yet i do not center my world around this person, but rather, see how they highlight each beautiful moment. like cooking dinner can turn into a beautiful experience, whether there is lovemaking or not on the kitchen table. you slice the onions (i hate onions) and i wash the dishes (who likes washing dishes?).

but i do not want to hear other people nagging me. i am starting to have married friends or friends who are getting married (go rachelle with your beachhouse wedding!) and they are usually (but not always fine). it's the questions i can't stand.

"when are you getting married?"

as if that's any of your business.

and if things are going bad in your relationship, or you had a fight:

"maybe you should see other people. you don't want to lock yrself with one person."

and what if i do?

and if you aren't dating anyone at all, or if you just broke up with someone, everyone starts nagging you about how you need to start dating. um, i think i know my life best!

the worst is the whole children question. i do not want or like children. most children make me want to slap them. (except my coworker does have 2 adorable daughters.) t and i decided no children ever b/c i told him i wouldn't want a boy, and if i found out it was a boy, i'd have an abortion. i mean, maybe i wouldn't, but i don't want kids anyway! so then once you get married, it's:

"when are you going to start having kids???"

actually, now that you mention it, we were waiting for your blessing.

and then, after you have one,

"when are you going to have another?'

and another, and another, and "when are you planning on stopping?"

my main thought is, if you don't know me really freakin well, well, don't ask. no, my aunt doesn't know me well enough. my best friends and sister can ask me these questions. it can be awkward for both of us. if you're really curious, be creative and you'll find out the answer.

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