19 February 2005


when we were little, we made up a song abt my messy sister, to the tune of "she's a maneater." it went
something like this,

"who-a, here she comes,
watch out, boy, she'll mess your room up,
who-a here she comes,
she's meliss-a!"

tonight my apt is super messy. i got a new bookshelf (i heart mom and dad, and ikea) and have been rearranging my books. thank goddess i love alone, so no one will tease me. here are my sections in my library:

in the bedroom:
douglas coupland
hubert selby, jr.
library books

in the south bookshelf:
general fiction, alphabetized
women's health section
personal manuscripts (by moi)
radical cheerleading archives

in the new ikea bookshelves:
literary magazines
books i haven't read yet (i want to read these but am always so busy, and library books have due dates...damn, i just need to freakin read the book lissy gave me for xmas already!)
photo albums
library school text books and professional library books
yoga books
fiction/writer's guides
coffee table books
writer's reference: writer's market type books, name book
general reference: dictionary, thesaurus, stylebooks, spanish-english dictionary

next to the futon are a stack of europe books i have been flipping through; behind the tv are books i am attempting to sell on amazon (seller name cheriecat should you want to buy an library texts or other random books); in the closet are literary journals i am going to bring to CO for venessa in april.

i love words. i love books, i couldn't live without them. this summer, it will be hard. if i bring my pocket pc, i'll read 'war and peace' and other long books via project gutenberg http://promo.net/pg/

until then, i am surrounded by books. i seek solace in libraries. when people ask how did i know i would be a librarian, i know it is because i have always returned to libraries for comfort, for books to help me through my crisises, for books to learn and books to explore myself.


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