02 February 2005

bad dreams

i've been having some pretty bad and freaky dreams lately. two nights ago, i dreamt i was on leonard st in greenpoint (i remember that clearly for some reason; well i know it was greenpoint and it felt like it was leonard st, now that i think of it) and this small helicopter/plane thingy kept crashing into this one house, and we were gathered on the street, watching it, suffering. it reminded me of the way a fly will be stuck in your apartment and keep diving forward into different parts of the window. but this aircraft was only going up. so scary. i hated looking up all yesterday.

today i had a dream that i got sick of luna (i must admit, she's been freakin annoying lately!) and went to union square (which was close to my apt, wherever it was in my dream) and left her there b/c i figured, she's cute, someone will want her. i missed her (after a week, a few days??? ) and then i found her and brought her home. when i woke up, luna was here. i love my cat and i wouldn't leave her in the street. sure, she's obsessed with eating, maybe a tad chubby, but she's cute, she's my luna, and i'm not getting rid of her.

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