14 February 2005

my beautiful home

my lease is up in may, and i have not decided what i plan on doing. traveling makes it seem easier to give up my apt, but i don't think i'll be able to afford living alone. t is uncertain of his plans, and if he is to move bk to ny (which i *hope* he does come late autumn/winter, as i miss him like crazy and affording an apt is extremely difficult for a librarian!). but that is something that will work itself out later on.

i love my apt. i love the shelves, the character of the greenpoint apartment, the pretty paint on the walls, the curtains, feeling at home. i love going to jason and mark's to procrastinate homework or asking them to help me with something in my apartment or offering them some muffins that i just baked. i love shopping at the garden, buying organic produce around my neighbors, and all the people that work there, saying hello to me, knowing who i am. i love the guys in the pizzeria shouting, "hello miss!" as i walk past. i love the feeling of comfort, of being in a warm and welcoming community. i love neighbors saying hello and the librarians asking me how i am when they see me on the bus and knowing that i am in a wonderful community.

what i don't love is the annoyance of the G train, the not-so-great places to run in, the trucks and buses idling in my street--can we say summertime is one big asthma attack? if you want to sublet my apt this summer and watch my kitty, i'm down with that. 975$ a month in nyc--hell yeah!

but i'm not at all good with decisions. i'll just think abt this one for the next few months. i don't think i can afford anything even remotely as nice without t.

but of course, the niceness comes from within, along with creativity and love.

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