28 February 2005

some of my favorite books

here are my favorite books:
1. girlfriend in a coma by douglas coupland
say your girlfriend goes into a coma, and years pass, all sorts of incidents which i really don't want to reveal, and then the world ends. what would you do? really?
2. atlas of the human heart by ariel gore
ariel gore's memoir is everything i wished i could have been when i was younger but i was too wussy to be. she travels around the world, and for sure, i'll be rereading that before my trip.
3. requiem for a dream by hubert selby, jr.
i wrote my mfa thesis (critical) on selby. i became obsessed with him, reading and rereading his books, listening to the requiem soundtrack while writing this paper. this is his best. sad, yes, but amazing writing. amazing.

and a shout out to my coworker libby schmais. she's an awesome writer, and funny! at times one might think "oh it's another chick lit book" but no, it's much better. to put it on the same level as the devil wears prada...no, libby is much better. in real life, libby is very funny, listens to my crazy stories, shakes her head, makes me feel young. her protagonists are often researchers, searching for love, searching for self, and they're just terrific. i love libby's books, honestly, not just 'cause i work with her. when i interviewed for the job, my boss told me about libby's book. when i read her books--first from the library, later i bought them--i didn't tell libby in case i didn't like her books. but i LOVED them! funny, involving, a book that keeps you up late at night.

to buy her books, click here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/104-5394787-2560715

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