01 March 2005

thinking back

i'm just remember my youth as i listen to this judge jules show on the radio. not like i'm old, but when i was 18, 19, 20, wow. thinking of all the parties--driving to toronto!, or driving to dc like it was nothing (well, it was ed, but i prob did some of the driving!). we went everywhere to dance to the beats, to shake it up and out.

memories like...
which outfit? jenny, should i wear my track flats with this skirt or that one? this vibe is just incredible! collecting phone numbers of friends. flyers. black with dirt and smoke and god knows what afterwards.

and i miss it. i think about how i would change things if i went back--hmmm not much, just enjoy it more. maybe give trevor my heart a bit earlier...

want to go dancing at avalon to see judge jules?

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