31 March 2005

life after capitalism???

i got some email about a workshop on life after capitalism. and i wonder: are people really SO optimistic? i would LOVE a world where capitalism did not exist to oppress the poor and increase the wealth of the rich, where sexism was non-existent, where women and men truly were equal, where being gay was as ordinary as sun in colorado, where being transgendered was not a place for frowns and murmurs of, "oh, the confusion!" i would love these things to exist. yes, perhaps one day i shall to move to an all-womyn commune and organically grow all our food and write novels in my spare time, take yoga classes and play with kitties and read, but that won't happen for a while.

so am i striving for life after capitalism? perhaps i'm STRIVING for it, but i don't ever believe i'll reach that point. i think our society is too far gone. i am trying to do what i can in the space where i am in the time that i live to make the world a fairer, safer, and better place for all.


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