13 March 2005

i miss running in hills and forests by lakes and under trees--the smell of fresh evergreen

i love brooklyn. i love new york city. don't take me out of it. traveling, yes; but to live...shudder. i can't imagine how t can live in the middle of nowhere. i'd die without a plethora of museums and people and excitement and energy and vibrancy. i never want to leave...i can't imagine living in the middle of nowhere, wearing clothes from kmart (ugh, and walmart being the only place to shop! ugh!). i can't imagine in.

but i do miss those beautiful and utterly under-valued college years...running in the woods with crista, talking about sex with the boys who would constantly be grabbing each other's butts but claiming heterosexuality, watching corey eating oreos on the starting line and substiting a bottle of gatorade or water with mountain dew...crista and i were so close then, during our runs (esp ones where we got lost!)--we were cocaptains of the xc team--maybe track too, but honestly, i can't remember. i remember my coach being mad at crista for an injury--i know, what a bitch she was to get injured! (i'm being sarcastic here! my coaches were SO unreasonable.) i remember when i *quit*--i had sinusitis, and was so ill--i lost 10 lbs or something, b/c i could barely eat, i felt horrible, a 40 minute drain me for the rest of the day...and they were SO mad at me.

but i digress. c and i talked ourselves through shitty relationships, through illnesses and heartbreak, through fights and jealousies...i miss that. i miss waking at 630 am, doing my ab workout, going on a run, letting my life revolve around running. of course t saved me before i became a running zombie, but i miss running so much, in beautiful woods. i loved minnewaska, mohonk.

running in brooklyn, frankliy, sucks. i hate it. sure, summertime runs can rock when you're running at 1030pm and kids are licking icicles and you run through firehydrants, begging to be sprayed with a hose, feeding off of the energy that is new york city.

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