03 March 2005

affirmative action needs to step up

you know what i think? i think that every corporation that has never
had a ceo of color, or a female ceo, should be forced to recruit and
hire a competent woman or person of color--it shouldn't be hard,
there are people out there, they just aren't given a chance.

and what i really dream of: is the same applying to our country's
government! imagine having a female president (a female president of
color!) with a vice-president who might be a male, but is not white!
wouldn't that be wonderful?

don't you question it--why don't we see the faces of our community
in the government that rules us?

venessa, you've asked me if peaceful revolution is possible--
remember gandhi. one day, i would like to see some colorful faces in
our government--the white out of our government and corporations is
a disgusting disgrace.

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