11 March 2005

i'm really gonna go! i got the tickets...

i've been thinking a lot, and overwhelmed with school work, work,
planning. it's official: the tickets are bought, passport secured,
the money is slowly piling up in the bank. once-treasured
possessions are being sold on the internet to add to the trip funds.
yes, i will be gone.

i will miss so much--i will miss my beautiful cat, my family, my
friends, my apt, t (not like i see him much anyway!), the comforts
of home--hot bath/shower, great bed, a fridge full of food. but
away, i shall learn--other cultures, other people, the art i shall
see! i look forward to it, with open arms and big eyes. i am ready
for whatever is to come. but i cannot help but look forward to this
exciting opportunity.

and what's after that? settling back to the grind, i suppose, but
why think about that now? i can skip ahead to a tour of the southern
half of this hemisphere. much as i hate the cold, i'd love to go to
tibet--oooh to climb mt. everst (i am too much of a wuss to do it!).
or to go to anartica.

there's opportunities everywhere, you must open strange doors and
approach with a helpful happy heart.

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