26 March 2005

running through northwest brooklyn

sometimes i yearn for the brownstones of brooklyn heights or the fantastic running of park slope, but really, i love northwest brooklyn. i've lived here on and off for three years, and it's fun. i went running for my first run since i got bronchitis and my foot injury. there was a hardcore show, and i looked at all the kids, people really, lined up, wearing tshirts and black hooded sweatshirts with india ink tattoos and i felt so far from them. i ran past graffiti: my favorites are "i spy," work by jb (the dolly girl) and neckface (if you live in nw bklyn you know what i mean). and running, i just felt so alive, so inspired by all the scrawls on concrete and warehouses, and i felt so free.

if only it was so everyday...

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